Eventbrite adds repeating events feature

Eventbrite is excited to announce a brand-new repeating events feature. We now support events that repeat but do not follow a regular schedule. In other words, eventholders are no longer limited to setting daily, monthly, or weekly repeats; instead, a user can now specify that a repeat event occurs on any combination of dates and times. So you’ll be able to set events at random intervals, or even multiple events within a single day!

Using the new feature is simple. When creating a new event, click on “This event repeats.”

Select how often the event repeats, from “Daily”, “Monthly”, “Weekly”, or “Other” to set up custom dates. Add a few new dates and times, and you’re all set!

We’re thrilled about the additional options this will give our eventholders. We think it will be particularly useful for entertainment and workshop/seminar-type events, but we expect it will add major flexibility in all event categories!