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We all know that engaging an audience at a professional event takes more than riveting panel discussion and provocative Q&A.  Today’s audience is alive before, during, and after an event thanks to the social networks that bind us and allow fluid communication.  However, the content is isolated across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

Enter: Conferize.  Conferize has identified the problem of these fragmented conversations happening around professional events and built a solution that will help you organize, socialize, and promote your events.  Easily create your Conferize event by syncing all your event information from Eventbrite and automatically invite your registrants to join too!  Now you have community building and registration in one central location.  Remember, an engaged community means more shares, more registrations, and ultimately a better event!

Automatically Sync Event Information

Automatically Sync Event Information

Look for the Eventbrite icon and with a one step, you can import the event details to Conferize.

Sell Tickets Through Conferize


Once synced, you can sell tickets directly through your Conferize event under the Register tab.  Please note that attendees will be transferred to Eventbrite to completed their transaction.

Invite Your Eventbrite Attendees To Join Your Community

Invite Your Eventbrite Attendees To Join Your Community

Since your event is now synced to Conferize, you can invite every Eventbrite registrant to join!

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