Introducing Eventbrite Payment Processing

eventbrite payment processingOur vision is that it should be possible for someone to come to our site for the very first time, armed only with an idea for an event, and to begin selling tickets to that event in less than five minutes.  While that was true before now, you still needed to have an online payments processing account with a third party — either PayPal or Google Checkout — in order to process and collect online payments on Eventbrite.

We’re absolutely delighted to announce that is no longer the case!  On August 1st, we rolled out Eventbrite Payment Processing and have now finally realized our vision for ease, convenience and speed for event holders.   More than this, we have expanded the scope of our very service in order to take full responsibility for the experience our users have with Eventbrite.

As it is now, all you have to do to start selling tickets on Eventbrite is tell us where you’d like us to send the check.  That’s it.

Of course, we will continue to support payments through both PayPal and Google Checkout, exactly the same way as ever.  Eventbrite Payment Processing is now a third option.  Please consider it, along with our commitment to exceeding your highest expectations for service and reliability.

How to Set-up Eventbrite Payment Processing

Eventbrite Payment Processing FAQ

Eventbrite Payment Processing is very competitively priced.

Talk to an Eventbrite expert about selling-out your next event.

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  • Your new Payment Processing option is fantastic, thanks for offering it.

    Anyway one key aspect is not clear: is this option available for event manager that don’t live in US?
    I checked the FAQ and it seems to me that there’s no way to change the Country in the address where the check will be sent.

    Alessandro Perilli

  • The trick is to make buyers able to pay with credit card without subscribing to a service like Paypal. When buyers have to sign up with a service they get inconvenienced and many discontinue the sale.
    Is serviceless sales what you are now offering?

  • Yes, this is exactly what we are offering! No need to send your attendees through PayPal or have them sign up for any other service. Collect their credit card info safely and securely right on the Eventbrite page.


  • Currently we are only offering Payment Processing in the US, but we are looking to expand this to other countries soon.


  • Is there any update to offering payment processing in other countries?

    Thank you

    Tamara said: 2009.12.15 05:32
    Currently we are only offering Payment Processing in the US, but we are looking to expand this to other countries soon.