Charlene Li: 5 ways to keep the social media buzz after an event

On Tuesday, April 13th, social media guru Charlene Li—author of Groundswell and Open Leadership—joined us for a webinar titled “Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your Event.” We’ve featured the first two segments of her talk: 1) how to build a winning pre-event gameplan with social media, and 2) key actions to take during the event. Today’s post covers her final topic, in many ways the trickiest for eventholders: social media strategy after the event ends. Here were Charlene’s main themes and tips.

  • Ask for feedback in the backchannel. The best way to get input on the event is simple: ask for it. You can even consider launching a survey in which attendees can rate the event. And try creating a forum where people can continue the discussion.
  • Promote the next event in the backchannel. The best way to promote similar future events is to direct current attendees to them. Make the most of your captive, interested audience.
  • Create and share event summaries. Create a blog post or website page that summarizes the event. And encourage replay by sharing content: upload and embed audio and video coverage. And link to relevant blog posts about the event.
  • Capture the entire backchannel. Don’t let the dynamic conversation in the backchannel simply fade away when the event is over. Capture and archive that discussion, so that attendees can view it between events.
  • Worry less about cannibalization, and more about extending the experience. Too often, eventholders worry that their live events will suffer if they give away a wealth of online content for free. This misses the point that sharing content really extends the experience for attendees, enriching that event and encouraging them to attend the next one.

Thanks again to Charlene Li for sharing her expertise in this critical area for eventholders!

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