5 Reasons Why Being a Barkling is Awesome

Did the photo below make you smile? That’s what we thought. At Eventbrite, we understand that your dog is family, which is why our HQ in San Francisco is dog (aka Barkling) friendly! Check out these 5 reasons why being a Barkling is awesome.
1. We get to come to the Briteland, every day.
2. The other Barklings in the office rule. We have fetch olympians, high-fivers, and treat-balancing experts.
3. There are always tons of Milk Bones in the pantry, and a lot of behind-the-ear-scratches and belly rubs to go around!
4. Our new office is right next to Yerba Buena Park. Lunch time fetch sesh, anyone?
5. We have an entire Barkling Ambassador program just to make sure you’re happy in the Briteland!
Interested in bringing YOUR dog to work? We’re hiring! Check out our jobs page for more info.

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Deniz Gültekin

Deniz Gültekin is an experience marketing manager at Eventbrite.