Eventbrite iPhone app 2.0 arrives: Barcode scanners and more!


Back in May, we introduced the first version of ‘Easy Entry’, our iPhone app for check-in. Since then, countless Eventbrite users have gotten on board with this simple, paperless way to manage event entry.

We’ve also received a ton of great feedback about ways we could improve the app (as of this writing, our original post has 60 comments and counting). That feedback has touched on many things, but the vast majority of it centered on two words: barcode scanners. As in, when were we going to get them?

The answer is: right now! As of today, users with the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 (and iPod Touch with camera) will be able to scan tickets quickly and easily on the device*. The app pulls your guest list from the Eventbrite servers, and allows you to easily check in attendees by scanning their ticket barcode, looking up their name, or browsing a digital list. All check-ins are synced with the servers so you can see who showed up. Check-ins can also be synced across multiple devices, so you can have multiple entry points for more efficient entry management.

And that’s actually just the beginning of the many improvements in Version 2.0, which also includes repeating events support and a bunch of other good stuff. The full details and several screenshots of the app are below. We encourage all you iPhone types to download the app right now—and keep giving us the great feedback!

What’s new in Version 2.0:

  • Users can now check in attendees by scanning the 2D barcodes on Eventbrite tickets. (Note: camera and iOS4 are required for scanning, and iPhone 3G and earlier are not supported.) Barcode scanning powered by Quickmark.
  • Support for repeating events
  • Search for guests by first name, last name, or email
  • Updated check-in interface allows users to seamlessly switch between search, list, and scan methods of check-in
  • Email, ticket type, and payment method are displayed under attendee name
  • New user options to set sync settings
  • Event list shows past events for up to 7 days

And that’s not all for check-in news… We’ll soon be launching our first-ever entry management tool for the core Eventbrite platform. That’s right: all your check-in needs, right from your Eventbrite account. Stay tuned!

*Scanning powered by Quickmark

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  • Please can you answer the following

    1. A ticket is purchased and then the ticket is emailed to that person? I guess thats right?

    2. The guest can turn up with their ticket on their mobile phone without the need to pring it? Is that right?

    3. The event organiser can then scan the ticket using an Iphone from the guests mobile phone? Or does the guest need to print it out on paper and bring it to the event?

  • Hey Simon. Yes, the iPhone scanner can scan the barcode directly from another mobile device. (A heads-up: sometimes glare can make this process slightly more difficult than with the paper barcode.)

  • What if there are guests on the registration? will there be a separate barcode and information for each guest?

  • We’re new to the event game, and have just been doing preliminary research into ticketing systems – I was still undecided until I saw this, but the idea of iPhone-based check-in sounds awesome! And more importantly, it demonstrates that you’re forward thinking and innovative. Once we get our events organised over the next month or so, we’ll come on board.

  • PLEASE help with the further development of the Android App! The third party on is good so far, but could be even better with your support!

    Iphone users aren’t the only ones out there, ya know!

  • That’s excellent, Philip! Can’t wait to see your events on the site. And let us know if you have any questions.

  • Everybody wants barcode scanning. Few people have actually tried it. If they did, they’d realize that it’s agonizingly slow for an event where you’re trying to get a lot of people in the door quickly. We’re looking forward to an iPad version where you can see more names and information on the screen.

  • I have download the app and the only thing it does for me is show me ”My events 0” and the a log out button – i can do nothing else on it whatsoever.

    I was expecting to see my two tickets bought!

  • Hi Rob. Are you an event organizer or attendee? The app allows organizers to run check-in for their events—it’s not for attendees. Our apologies if that wasn’t clear in the post!

  • Can two iPhones share 1 account with the same username / password?

    Say if I have two Ushers with two iPhones at an event – Can they scan tickets and capture data to the same eventbrite account?

  • @Phil… I couldn’t agree with you more. We used this system for an event last night and it was a disaster. This system would most likely work well for small events, but we had an event with over 4000 attendees and the process was way too slow. The main problem of was that when scanning outside in the dark it can’t see the bar so we had to keep moving it around or have attendies use the light on their own phones. Also it takes too long to get the coded block into position to scan. Way too time consuming when we have to get people through the door quickly. Again great for small events but not appropriate for large events.

  • Hi Renee. We’re very sorry to hear that the system didn’t work well for you! We’ll certainly take all of this feedback into consideration as we work to keep improving the scanners. In the meantime, if you have any further input or any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to email me at theo[at]eventbrite.

  • Another vote for a Symbian build, I’d be up for that. I can’t find check-in functions in the API, am I blind or is it just not there? R

  • the iphone scanners are a good start just not effective for larger events. Can we look forward to scanable bar codes by actual scanners ie those type used by ticketmaster. Imo this is a must for large events. Please feel free to email me for a more detailed answer. Thx

  • Hey Kevin. We understand the desire for alternative scanners for large-scale events, and we’re looking into different options. I’ll have our sales team drop you an email to get a better sense of your needs. Thanks for the input!