10 Tips for Your Next Fundraiser

Vivanista 11.21.11

Here are 10 tips overhead during the Vivanista Fundraising Summit in San Francisco.
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Fundraising Fashion: Three Tips to Dress for a Cause

09_28_11-Charity_2b Feature

Our friends at Rent the Runway share three guidelines to dress for charity fundraisers.
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I’m Not Only an Evangelist, I’m Also a Client

Chad - Epilepsy Feature 9.8.11

Our D.C. Evangelist first turned to Eventbrite three years ago, as an organizer, to host a concert for the Epilepsy Foundation.
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Heroic Tips for Hosting Your Next Event


The past nine weeks have been extraordinary. Eventbrite has been honored to share the stories of amazing event planners from all over the country. Here is a quick recap of our heroes and lessons to keep in mind during your next event.
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Eventbrite for Causes: One Year Anniversary

Eventbrite for Causes feature 9.22.11

It’s been one amazing year since we launched our nonprofit program, Eventbrite for Causes. As we reflect on positive feedback and success stories, it makes us proud to be empowering so many organizers who support such worthy causes…
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