Eventholder Q & A: International Obscura Day


Obscura Day is a global celebration of wondrous and curious places. Instead of encouraging people to travel to far-off places, we decided that it’d be best to help our community discover what was hidden in plain sight right around them.
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Repeating Events Now Available with Standard Credit Card Processing


If you’re new to Eventbrite and you use our standard credit card processing platform, you may not know about the repeating events tool. Until now, the repeating events option was only available to organizers using PayPal or Google Checkout, but we’re excited to announce that we’ve now opened it up for everyone.
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Guest post: 3 Irreverent Methods to Kickstart Creativity

Breaking through the new media static requires an infusion of creativity; it’s essential that you differentiate your event concepts and marketing campaigns. But maintaining ingenuity is difficult. Here are some of my unconventional yet surefire methods for catalyzing creativity:
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Our Guide to St. Patrick's Day Parties


On the West Coast, it’s “wear green or be pinched.” East Coasters are all about the Irish Potato Candy. Every region has its unique way of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, but there’s no doubt they’ll all be celebrating. And here at Eventbrite, we’ve got great parties across the country tonight.
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Guest post: From Cultural Phenomena to Cultural Philanthropy


This is a guest post by Dan Morrison, the founder and CEO of Citizen Effect, a Washington, D.C.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit. This is the second year of Citizen Effect’s Brackets with Benefits fundraiser—a great example of how a cultural phenomenon like March Madness can be harnessed for serious fundraising.
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