Guest post: 6 Simple Steps to Intriguing Event Pages


Information is so accessible these days we feel a need for it. But the page doesn’t have to be cluttered with details. Leave your guests guessing a little bit. Let the event page start the conversation and let the buzz carry it on.
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Event Evangelists Share Their Top Weekend Events


If you’re a regular Eventbrite user, you probably know about our Event Evangelists, who run around their respective cities—SF, LA, Chicago and DFW—meeting event organizers, planning events of their own, and highlighting top gatherings for you to attend. Whether you’re planning an even or just looking for something to do, they’re an awesome resource.
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Guest post: "Try My UI"—Design a Better Event Website


Cass Phillipps has written for the blog about how to plan a successful conference and getting the best crowd at your event. Today she describes her experience testing new event website designs—and her extremely helpful conclusions.
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Guest post: 10 Venue Tricks Every Organizer Should Know


Whether you’re organizing a large conference, a small business workshop or a fun social function, the venue and how familiar you are with its setup and staff will be an important component in making your event a success. These 10 tips will help you ward off any surprises when it comes to your event venue.
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Guest post: Organizing Your Own TEDx Conference


At Eventbrite, we’re thrilled to support many fantastic TEDx conferences. Held at the University of Michigan on April 8th, TEDxUofM 2011: Encouraging Crazy Ideas is expecting nearly 1700 attendees coming to hear an inspiring group of speakers. UofM’s Jeff Ong wrote this guest post for the blog with his tips for TEDx success.
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