Moving On and Looking Back—My 10 Favorite Posts


Today I hand over the blog controls to our terrific new Community Manager and Editor, Mr. Tighe Flatley. For my final blog entry, I thought I’d pick my 10 favorite posts from the past year and a quarter—from killer guest submissions to exciting nonprofit spotlights to some of my favorite features. Here’s a look back at my personal top 10.
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Guest post: How to Use a Flip and YouTube to Reach More People


You may have seen more and more people attending events with a Flip video camera. It is now cheap, easy and fast to share your event and reach the millions of people around the world who watch YouTube every day! Here are five ways to use a Flip (or other video camera) and You Tube to reach more people.
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Vote for Eventbrite in the Webby Awards!


We’re quite excited to have been nominated in the Webby Awards’ Web Services and Applications category! So if you’re a fan of Eventbrite—and if you’re reading this blog post, we hope you are—why not take a second now to give us a vote?
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Guest post: 5 Tips for a Delicious Event


Whether you’re organizing a day of technical panel discussions or a celebrity-driven fundraising banquet, one thing is certain… your guests will be hungry. Some lessons are learned the hard way, but others are just common sense. Here are five top dos and don’ts for planning what to serve at your next event.
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Guest post: Simple Steps to Eco-Friendly Conferences


Chris Philp works on behalf of Maxvantage, global specialists in strategic meetings management. In honor of Earth Day tomorrow, Chris wrote this guest post about simple steps conference organizers can take to go green. Even for big events, it’s not as hard as you might think!
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