Don't Be Shy, It's Picture Time!


Eventbrite Event Evangelists are at it yet another week. Who said work can’t be fun? From San Francisco to New York City and many cities in between, our evangelists present to you another week of event photos for your viewing pleasure!
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How to Create Your Own Event Supernova, Part Two


How do you sustain your event supernova? Our Dallas Event Evangelist, Damany, discusses how to create an explosion of event greatness during and after the event.
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Live Update! Undercover at the Social Media Brite Camp


Shhh! Keep it down. I (the marketing intern at Eventbrite) have gained access to our community manager’s Social Media Brite Camp. Without him knowing, I’ll be giving all of you a live, in-depth look at the inner workings of this seminar.
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#MYHEROis a 19-Year-Old Entrepreneur


This week, our hero is a superstar event planner, entrepreneur, start-up co-founder and its Chief Operating Officer. Oh yeah, and he is 19-years-old, too.
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Say Cheese! Eventbrite Scrapbook, Vol. 2


This past week has been busy for Eventbrite’s Event Evangelists…
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