Dylan’s Top Tips: Part One

Dylan Fuller

Dylan Fuller is the man behind the hugely popular and perennially sold out Wandsworth Beer Festival and a longtime user of Eventbrite. Each week, we’ll be sharing three of his top tips that will help maximise the potential of any of your events. Check it out!
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Pop-Up Feasts: The Secret Ingredient

Burnt Enz

Mouthwatering food in an unconventional setting – what’s not to love? Our London Evangelist, Katie, has come up with the perfect equation for the new rage in London events, Pop-Up Feasts.
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4 Resolutions for Event Planning in 2012

Katie McPhee 1 1.5.12 Feature Crop

Even the most dedicated event planners need to refresh their approach sometimes. I’ve resolved to keep the following principles at front of mind, no matter how hectic things get!
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Event Review: Our Brite Brit Bash

BriteUK 2 11.21.11 Feature

Check out some of the things Katie, our London Event Evangelist, had to keep in mind when planning our UK launch.
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