How to Build an Awesome Team of Volunteers

Chad - Volunteers 10.26.11 Feature

Volunteers are the backbone of an event that can’t be bought. Here are three ways to build your best team of volunteers.
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There's More Than Crops Growing in Rural America

Eventbrite Logo Big

By fostering the ability for people to meet offline at community events nationwide, Eventbrite is helping grow local economies.
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I’m Not Only an Evangelist, I’m Also a Client

Chad - Epilepsy Feature 9.8.11

Our D.C. Evangelist first turned to Eventbrite three years ago, as an organizer, to host a concert for the Epilepsy Foundation.
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Top Five Ways Eventbrite Rallies for Your Event

2004GOPConvention Feature 7.28.11

Our Washington, D.C., Event Evangelist asks: where can the political world leverage Eventbrite to make its life easier?
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